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Killer haircuts available

Shearing: Awesome Haircuts

Pricing: $50.00 standard cut
$75.00 show cut or show fleece
Plus travel at cost
Call for Details: 830-990-1169

Service Description

If you live in Southern California and have a small number of alpacas that still need to be shorn, I can help. I'm not super fast but I'm good. 17 years of experience shearing alpacas. Your alpacas will look great when I'm done and so will your fleeces. I charge $50.00 per alpaca for a standard haircut, $75.00 for a show cut/show fleece plus gas to and from your ranch. Sorry if that's higher than average but please appreciate its a lot of work to travel and set up for a few animals. Let me know if I can help. The photos are of alpacas I have shorn